Joint ARCH AKIS FOOD SYSTEMS Workshop on Programming Research and Innovation for Improved Impact (April 2018) Rome

The SCAR Strategic Working Groups ARCH, AKIS and Food System held a workshop in Rome on Friday 6th April 2018 from 9.00 to 13.00. The Workshop Agenda; Presentations; Report and Policy Brief can be found here.

-Workshop information

Workshop agenda


1. Davis, B.: Setting the Scene

2. Hainzelin, E. and the ImpresS team: What does it take to boost the culture of impact in our research institutions?

3. Heanue, K. et al.: Programming Research and Innovation in an Integrated AKIS: The Irish Experience

4.Fabbri, E. and Vieri, M.: Reviewing S3 in Tuscany: experiences from regional integrated projects

 - Workshop report


Policy brief

ARCH AKIS Workshop on Impact (November 2016) Brussels

Pre Event to DG RTD FOOD 2030 (October 2016) Brussels

Pre Event to DG RTD FOOD 2030 Conference "Research and Innovation for Tomorrow´s Nutrition & Food Systems "

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- Presentations

1. Daniel Vennhard, World Resources Institute: Shifting Consumption: Lessons from market transformations

2. Emile Frison, CGIAR: A new paradigm for sustainable food systems

3. Nina E., Vinje, Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries: Sustainable growth in Norwegian Aquaculture

4. Gianluca Brunori, Glamor project: Are local food systems more sustainable than global food systems?

5. Salvatore Basile, International Network of Eco Regions: Bio-district: innovative partnership between consumers, organic producers and public administrators für the sustainable management of the territories

6. Camille Perrin, European Consumer Organisation: Making sustainable food choices easier for consumers

7. David Lamb, ENRD: Food Policy Initiatives

8. Jorrit Kiewik, Youth Food Movement: Serving food for change

9. Maeve Howe, EUROCOOP: Addressing sustainable consumption the cooperative way

10. Toine Timmermans, WUR: The case of reducing food losses and waste; Engaging Consumers for Change

11. Patricia Wagenmakers, Co-Chair ARCH: Conclusions and recommendations

Joint ARCH Bioeconomy Workshop (January 2015) Brussels

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Draft Notes

Joint ARCH SCAR Workshop (January 2015) Brussels

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Main conclusion from the Workshop

- Presentations

1. Presentation by Philippe Petithuguenin: Integration of AR + ARD

2. Presentation by Co-Capacity: Developing International Alliances: What capabilities are needed?